1. lokineedshugs:


    no but seriously this was my favorite part because they were able to wear dresses and be feminine and stuff and at the same time be able to kick major butt

    While using their individual characteristics of their storylines as weapons

  2. amo07:


    Relationship advice by Lee Dong Wook

  3. So excited, almost ready to film my room tour !!  
    I’ve been painting my furniture to match my bed and dressers and it’s been so hot! I also have been making artwork for my walls to fill up the white space, including that cute bow you see in the pic! 

    Here’s a sneak peak of my bed! Still adding artwork and what not but isn’t it adorable???  

    My bed is from http://bit.ly/lilisbed for those wondering!

  4. Happy Birthday America! 

    Happy Birthday America! 

  5. Some goodies I bought on my trip ! :) working on my vlog now

    Some goodies I bought on my trip ! :) working on my vlog now

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